What is the Justin Campaign
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Justin, a feature length documentary, is about the quest to vindicate the memory of Justin Fashanu, football’s iconic fallen hero, with the launch of a campaign to challenge the last bastion of homophobia – football.

Justin Fashanu, the only openly gay footballer committed suicide in 1998. Justin is a search for truth about Justin’s victimization by homophobia and racism in football.

Justin will follow the Justin campaigners who want to end a decade of silence and whose audacious aim is to persuade the football authorities to mark 2 May as Justin Fashanu Day – an act of remembrance and an annual day of protest against homophobia in sport.

We join three ‘campaign-virgins’ and out and proud gay footballers Jason, Paul and Gareth on this journey. In getting to know them, the documentary will provide an intimate look into gay masculinities in Britain today. United by their collective desire to ‘make a difference’ through the campaign, each has his own story, his own inner journey.

But Justin is more than the campaign. In vindicating Justin’s memory, the ridicule and bullying suffered by gay youngsters in sport especially football will be recognised. In remembering him as a brilliant footballer, the need to provide a level playing field to young gay footballers will be understood.

Justin will revisit Justin Fashanu’s troubled life to construct a portrait of the first black million pound player in all his brilliance and beauty as well as his insecurities and indiscretions. It will tease out the various issues ranging from race and sexuality to policy and practice through discussions with key figures within professional football and gay activism. It will take you into the thriving culture of grassroots gay football to talk to players as they gather at the Gay Football World Cup.

Ultimately, Justin embodies the ability of ordinary people, with all of their fears and anxieties about ‘doing something’, to nonetheless do something to effect change.

To find out more about how you can support the making of Justin contact Geetha at interventions@hotmail.com or call Ian on 07828 637358.

The Director
Ian McDonald

Ian McDonald: the filmmaker

Ian is a sport-sociologist based at the University of Brighton and an independent documentary filmmaker. As a sociologist, he has been teaching, researching and writing about sport for many years. He has often used the camera to document his research, especially in his work on the sporting body in India.

It was out of a research project in India, on a martial art indigenous to Kerala, South India, that Ian made his first film, Inside the Kalari. Completed at the beginning of 2007, it has been screened at numerous international film festivals, including the Indo-American Film Festival in New York and the Moscow International Visual Anthropology Festival.

You can contact Ian at ian.interventions@gmail.com